Image of Charity Raffle ticket! (UK only)

Charity Raffle ticket! (UK only)

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This purchased will buy you 1 entry in to our first charity raffle!
The 1st prize is this amazing vegan backpack donated to us by @schooledbypaper (look em up on insta!) and drawn on by Shake favourite and all round good good egg Molly Fairhurst (also on insta!)
There will also be a selection of other goodies popped inside the bag and a few runner up prizes! The winner of the bag will get to choose a local UK charity of their choice To donate all the funds we make from this raffle to! (UK residents only & winner will be chosen at random 31/1/20

Reason for this raffle:
Due to the current political situation in this country we amongst many others have realised that if we wanna see change we’ve got to get off our butts & try and be that change!

We hope to try and do more charity effort with shake over the next year, if you have any ideas or would like to help with hosting an event at your venue please get in touch:

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